Amazon India Celebrates 2nd Anniversary Of ‘Amazon Book Bazaar’

Here we share a big news with you. Amazon. in Celebrate the second anniversary of the “Amazon Book Bazaar” June 10-14, 2022. As we all know, Amazon is a very famous platform, it is an online shopping app in India, you can buy mobile phones, watches, books, cameras, clothing, shoes and gifts on Amazon with free shipping and cash on delivery. According to the report, “” today launched the 24th edition of “Amazon Book Bazer,” a one-stop destination for readers with great deals and deals on books in all genres and languages. From the 10th to the 14th of each month, the event begins to entertain millions of readers in India. Here we have more information about it and we will try to cover everything in this article. Follow for more updates on


Customers can get advice from leading authors and bloggers in India and enjoy benefits like discounts of up to 40% and exciting games and prizes. Customers can enjoy great deals and deals on bestsellers such as the Harry Potter series. The Psychology of Money, Booker, Ikigal’s award-winning “Sand Grave” and more. The book fair will run until June 14, 2022. The Amazon Book Market opens the best collection of 2022, where buyers can enjoy great deals on over 3,000 books of all kinds in different genres and languages.

The ‘Amazone Book Bazeer’ #FoundOnBookBazer section highlights a set of 6 hidden gems around a different theme each month. To celebrate Pride Month, this month’s edition focuses on books that tell the stories of people in the LGBTQ+ community. Check out some of the books you might get at affordable prices during the Amazon Book Bazer here.

Mazda Magician Paperback – Exciting new book from India’s master storyteller, Mazda Magician travels through the era of Islamic Jihad, Achaemenid glory and Messiah’s birthday, available on Amazon. For RS 345.

How To Live Your Life Hardcover – Read Ruskin Bond’s bestselling book featuring his letters and never-before-seen photos of him. Available on “Amazon. Rs 303 approx.

Chacha Chaudhary and the Flying Scorpio Paperback – Chacha Chaudhary’s character is known to touch the emotions of millions of people across the country in every childhood memory. PranMaurice Horn’s manga is a faithful companion for all young people growing up, providing fun and entertainment through his famous characters such as Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Shrimatiji, Pinki, Billoo, Raman and more. Available on Amazon for approx. 83 rupees.

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