Adopt Peter Obi as presidential candidate ―​​ Obiano tells APGA –

Michael Ovat – Awka

With just 21 days to go before the 2023 presidential election, political scientist Dr Emmanuel Obiano from Awka has called on the national leadership of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) to adopt Labor presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi as a candidate for the 25 February election.

nigerian tribune It is understood that three months after Governor Soludo was also APGA national leader, he said in a broadcast that he did not support Mr Obi as he would not win and the election had only two contestants, Asiwaju of the All Progressive Congress (APC). Ahmed Bola Tinubu and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), even APGA’s presidential candidate Professor Peter Umeadi is in the running.

He urged the APGA leadership to do the same with Anambra state native Peter Obi, as the party did in 2015 when it adopted an Ijaw from Bayelsa state as its presidential candidate [Goodluck Jonathan] He was the real candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at the time.

The call was contained in a statement he signed and provided to reporters in Oca on Saturday.

Part of the statement read: “With the 2023 election just weeks away, this is a time of intense political discussion for everyone, politicians and political observers alike. As the election date approaches, the intensity of the political discussion is also increasing.

“Like other Nigerians, I have been involved in political discussions at all levels. As a trained political scientist, certified strategist and practicing consultant, I have confidently assembled my views and provided in-depth analysis. Having experienced first-hand what life in Nigeria really was like in the early post-independence period, few of Nigeria’s political and economic issues disturb me, except for one, at the moment.”

The statement further added; “I am from Anambra, Southeast Nigeria. Some friends from other parts of Nigeria have asked me this question:

“In 2015, the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) is synonymous with your state [Anambra] Adopted an Ijaw man from Bayelsa state as its presidential candidate [Goodluck Jonathan] He was the real candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at the time. Why didn’t APGA adopt Labour’s Mr Peter Obi as its presidential candidate in 2023 as it did for Jonathan’s PDP in 2015, son of the land of Anambra? If this is going to be done, when will it be done given that the presidential election is coming up?

“This double-angled question is full of meaning. As I ponder the possible ‘whys’ and ‘whens,’ I’m disturbed by the possible impact, especially on fairness and history. I can’t help but imagine what history will record for us The unfavorable fact that we adopted an Ijo from Bayelsa state but failed to adopt our blood and relatives from the same Anambra state. It would constitute a colossal betrayal if this were allowed to happen , some have already called it “blasphemy.” The God of our land and our ancestors are watching.

“I strongly recommend that the leadership and family of APGA put aside some of the past issues and pettiness and immediately adopt Mr. Peter Obi as the Presidential Candidate for the February 2023 Presidential Election, as Goodluck Jonathan did in 2015 That. The South and the Middle Belt Forum adopted Peter Obi. OHANEZE adopted Peter Obi. Many other progressive groups, even in the North and West adopted Peter Obi. We cannot be the proverbial “nkem di” in this matter iche” (exception).

“APGA and Labor can work together and negotiate support and concessions in the Senate, House of Representatives and other positions in local government.”

“We must learn to face the direction of Vaziri Ibrahim’s ‘politics without bitterness’ for a healthier and more beneficial progressive political development. Pregnant antelopes are more rewarding for hunters.

“Tomorrow is so long”. A new face for Nigerian Ndi Igbo is possible and on the horizon. Let us support it, not obstruct it or undermine it,” the statement concluded.

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