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According to a report, the Nets may lose a valuable free agent to a West contender.


The Brooklyn Nets’ lineup should ‘evolve’ in the future.

On July 1, when the NBA’s free agency period officially begins, several players from the Brooklyn Nets’ 2022 roster are scheduled to hit the open market. Nicolas Claxton, a big man who has improved his points, rebounds, and field goal percentage every season since joining the league in 2019, is one name on the Nets’ list of free agents.

Claxton’s continued development on a star-studded team like the Nets will undoubtedly attract some interest during the upcoming free agency period. If Sean Deveney decides to leave the Nets, one Eastern Conference general manager told Heavy that the Dallas Mavericks could be a viable option.

The general manager said to Deveney about Claxton, “I think you’d see the Mavericks looking for a guy like that.” “Look, if the Nets intend to match offers for him, it may not be easy for him to get one in the first place.” Dallas, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense for a team in need of a young player with a growing roster, but can they put things together in such a way that they can make a good offer?”

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Nets Expected To Match Any Offers for Claxton

Claxton possesses more raw ability than the majority of the league’s young centers. However, his consistency has been questioned, as he has been in and out of Nets head coach Steve Nash’s rotation on a regular basis. Instead of giving Claxton a bigger contract, the Nets could sign an effective center like Dwight Howard or DeMarcus Cousins on a veteran’s minimum deal and put themselves in a better position to win a championship. Despite Claxton’s youth and infrequent appearances in the Nets’ rotation, the Nets are expected to match any offers for their young center.

“He won’t get more than a midlevel offer from a team like Charlotte or Chicago, and if that’s the case, they’re happy to match it.” They can match anything another team gives him because he’s restricted. One Eastern Conference general manager told Heavy’s Sean Deveney that he is looking at a three-year, $35 million contract.

“They aren’t sold on him as the future big guy, but at that price, they’d keep him around and know they can move him next summer if they have something better in mind.” The problem is that they only have a small window of opportunity here, so they can’t afford to wait too long for him. But Sean (Marks) is a firm believer in growth, and they will not abandon him so easily.”

Claxton May Not Be the Player That the Nets Need

The Nets have made it clear that they intend to take advantage of their current title window. Claxton might not be the player Brooklyn needs right now if they want to achieve that goal.

The Nets have the option of matching any potential offers for Claxton this summer or letting him walk, as they did with Spencer Dinwiddie last summer (who, coincidentally, is currently a member of the Mavericks after being traded from the Washington Wizards in February).

Claxton has come a long way in his development as a player in just his third season, and he could have a very high ceiling. It’ll be interesting to see how much the Nets can get for him during the free agency period this summer.

According to the general manager, the Nets could lose an All-Star free agent to an Eastern Conference rival.

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