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Aaron Jeffery Not Ready for Callouts, But Title Shot? Sure

Without a doubt, Aaron Jeffery’s victory over Austin Vanderford at Bellator 284 on Friday was the biggest win of his career.

The Canadians joined the fray for a short time on Friday after ninth-ranked middleweight Anthony Adams pulled out. Van der Ford is second in the division, having battled Gegard Mousasi for the title earlier this year.

Jeffrey (13-3) finished him with his right hand in less than two minutes. Now, the question is that Jeffrey himself, in his second fight under the Bellator MMA banner, will drop down the rankings.

“I don’t know if they put me in second place or if they put me in fifth or sixth place? We’ll find out in a few days,” he told the media, including Cageside Press, in a post-match media appearance. express.

Bellator’s rankings are voted on by members of the media. There’s no guarantee that Jeffrey will be in second place, but there will almost certainly be a number next to his name later this week.

The Canadian, originally from Fort Tilson, Ontario, who fights with Niagara’s top team in St. Catharines, told the Cageside Press on Friday that despite relying on his right hand, he saw no sign of it before the fight. is the road to victory.

“No, we basically just repeated the uppercut and the knee to try and hit the ball, and I don’t know if I threw any of those,” Jeffrey admitted. “I wasn’t really going to throw those overhands, but I think it worked.”

Even after a big win on the big stage, the former Contenders series fighter has no plans to make any callouts for his next fight. “I’m not a big label person. I’ll say my silly joke again, scrub me, sign a bum, let me get another highlight, get another paycheck, and then we can talk.”

Having said that, after toppling Vanderford, Aaron Jeffrey would definitely consider it if he gets the title.

“I think I’ll take it. I think it would be foolish to turn down an opportunity like this. I think I’ll take it.”

Watch the full Bellator 284 postwar media rally with Aaron Jeffery above.


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