A Daughter, Her Father and the Long-Gone Poet Who Brought Them Together

A daughter, her father and the long-dead poet who brought them together, #Daughter #Father #LongGone #Poet #Brought Welcome to 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Hearing the story, Calhoun was convinced that succeeding where her father failed was her next mission. “I just thought, I’m so much better than my dad, I’m more fun,” she said. “Whatever he does wrong, I will do right.” She will respect her, she will do her homework, she said, “I will absolutely win.”

Sitting outside a roadside cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Calhoun laughs as she recalls her hubris on the way to writing her new book, “A Poet Too,” on June 14. She is a regular here. She lives on the corner with her husband, performance artist Neil Medlin, and their teenage son Oliver. With a glass of orange wine painted bright orange between his fingernails, Calhoun is ebullient and chatty, cutting into the book’s less-spoiler spoiler: Where her father failed in the 1970s, she failed too.

Calhoun, 46, is a “St. Marks is Dead,” the history of the colorful downtown neighborhood she grew up in, “The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give” and “Why We Can’t Sleep,” and ghostwriting for more than a dozen books. She said that despite her father being a well-known author, But her career choice wasn’t destined. Growing up, Calhoun kept telling herself that her father was a writer, so she wouldn’t, or couldn’t, be a writer.

But in a spontaneous act of reinvention, she was still in her early twenties and had just been hired by the Austin Chronicle, and she began writing under her middle name, Calhoun. She found that, along with her unique and well-known surname, she also escaped the shadow of her parents that hung over her.

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