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A car accident derailed the UTA Barry’s Bootcamp Sundance pop-up

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A car accident derails UTA ​​Barry’s Bootcamp Sundance pop-up store

PARK CITY, Utah — The United Talent Agency’s Sundance Film Festival flash mob at Barry’s Bootcamp derailed Friday morning when one of the space shuttles lost control and crashed into a snowdrift, as seen on page six.

The Cadillac Escalade, which was offered by UTA from a third-party rental company, began to slow down while driving on the icy road, eventually crashing the entire left side of the vehicle into the icy embankment, the sources said.

“Everyone is fine, but this is really scary,” a source said. “I’m not sure if the tires on this car are good for snow. The driver was freaking out too.

Another added: “I don’t think he knows how to drive in the snow.”

Park City, Utah
We’re told that a Cadillac Escalade offered by a talent agency skidded on an icy road in Park City, Utah.
page six

The SUV miraculously suffered minimal damage.

A UTA spokesperson confirmed that the driver of the vehicle, a contracted car service company, no longer drives on behalf of UTA.

barry's training camp logo
Barry’s employees apologized to those involved in the incident.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Shortly after, another UTA shuttle picked up the six women who were left alone after the accident and safely delivered them to the home of a Hollywood talent agency, where the 30-minute sessions continued as usual, we’re told .

“I’m so sorry for what happened!” Barry’s employee told the group when they arrived.

Barry’s representative introduced us to UTA.

Barry's Bootcamp Logo
We heard that the course ended up running smoothly.
Gadot for Getty Images

The facility will continue to provide training sessions for Barry throughout Saturday.

Pop-ups appear to be a hot commodity in Park City, and a CAA acting source (a huge competitor to UTA) told us he took the class regardless of the risk.

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