411MANIA | A&E Airing WWE Legends Biography & Most Wanted Treasures Marathon

411 Mania | A&E airs WWE legend biography and most wanted treasure marathon, #411MANIA #Airing #WWE #Legends #Biography #Wanted #Treasures #Marathon Welcome to #411MANIA #Airing #WWE #Legends #Biography #Wanted #Treasures #Marathon 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

A&E will be airing a marathon documentary on WWE Legends Biography and WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures on the weekend of July 4th. The schedule is as follows (h/t Inside PWI).

Sunday 3 July

* 1PM – WWE’s Most Wanted Treasure: Jack Roberts
* 2PM – WWE’s Most Wanted Treasure: Ric Flair
* 4pm – Mick Foley
* 6PM – Ultimate Warrior
* 8 p.m. – Steve Austin
* 10pm – Randy Savage

Monday 4th July

*12:03AM – Steve Austin
* 2:04AM – Randy Savage
* 7AM – WWE’s Most Wanted Treasure: The Dream Team
* 8AM – WWE’s Most Wanted Treasure: Booker T
* 9 a.m. – Brett Hart
* 11am – Randy Savage
* 1PM – Roddy Piper
* 3pm – Mick Foley

Tuesday, July 5

* 8AM – WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures: Undertaker and Kane
* 9AM – WWE’s Most Wanted Treasure: Ric Flair

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