235 Crores Crossed In Worldwide

Vikram Day 7 Box Office Collection: $2.35 Billion Worldwide: The performance of Southern films and compilations has set new world records, and new films have broken all previous records. Southern films changed their stories and the content of each film. That’s why they broke records and the public, gave an amazing response. On the list of Southern films, there was one that recently came out and their collection broke all records. Let us know the whole details and the details of the collection. Follow for more updates at GetIndiaNews.com

Vikram’s film opens on June 3, 2022. It’s crime, thriller and action. In this movie, the three gangsters are Don they are in, and their story is in the movie. All three characters are shaded gray characters. Kamal Hassan. Fahadh Fasil and Vijay Sethupati play the lead roles in this film, they are both gangsters. But at the end of the film, a very secret thing is revealed, very interesting, and all viewers are shocked to see the end of the film. Fans of Kamal Hassan have been shocked to see the transformation and the character. He did a lot of practice and the filmmakers made the movie Hollywood level.

Vikram Box Office Collection

On its opening day, it made more than Rs 350 crore. On the second day, it made 100 million, on the third day it surpassed 500 million, and on the fourth day, it surpassed 1 billion. This is very happy news for the filmmakers. In two more days, like the fifth and sixth day, it will be over Rs 1.5 crore.

The total collection of this film

In India, it has a revenue of over 1.52 billion and overseas, it has a revenue of over 830 million. The film now has a global collection of 2,356,500. Income and collections are increasing every day.

Now that the movie is on the blockbuster list, it shows good attitude and an amazing fan following. The filmmakers are delighted that their hard work has made the film a success, and a lot has been earned. Now the latest update comes from the source where the filmmakers decided to make the second part of the film.

The OTT release has not been confirmed by the manufacturer, but they will take this into consideration and will announce it before the OTT release. The movie is in theaters, so if the movie is on OTT then it will affect the collection.

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