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20 year-old with $110m also wants to be president)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jack Freeman Wiki

Jack Freeman Biography

Who is Jack Freeman?

If you’re 24 years old with a $110,000 salary and bonus, you’re probably feeling pretty good. But you won’t feel as good as USC applied math and economics student Jack Freeman, who appears to be making a thousand times his salary after a $25 million investment in Bed Bath and Beyond stock nearly soared . 400%. .

Reddit is full of skepticism and outrage over Freeman’s vast wealth, but the forum site also has some Freeman fans. Freeman was asked why he’s selling Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY) now because it has the potential to go higher. Freeman, who posted under the username FreemanCapitalManagement, said the investment case was not strong enough. Also, he’s only 20 years old and has already made a lot of money. “I got into BBBY to do a good paper, and I did exceed my expectations. But I appreciate people being skeptical,” Freeman added.

Freeman seems to be an ambitious man. His Reddit post also shows that he submitted a form for the 2020 presidential campaign when he was 18. When it was pointed out that the president must be at least 35, Freeman said he knew it and he just wanted to be “the youngest person to be on the ballot.” When another Redditor said he really should be at the party, Freeman said Liman said the typical life of a person his age is “studying for endless exams haha”.

However, Freeman doesn’t appear to be a typical 20-year-old. He raised an initial $25 million investment from friends and family and spent the past few years interning at Volaris Capital Management with former Credit Suisse trader Vivek Kapoor, who, according to the Financial Times, co-authored an article with Kapoor. risk article. Freeman’s CDS report when he was 16.

One seasoned investor called Freeman a “lucky penny.” “Someone won the lottery last night. He was no different,” he said of Freeman. He also noted that Freeman didn’t sound like your typical poor student. He has been investing with his uncle, Dr. Scott Freeman. While Freemans’ investment in BBBY has been good, MindMed, the psychedelic drug company founded by Scott, is his real passion. – The pair have built up substantial stakes in the company and are encouraging cost-cutting programs, a new focus on real drugs and an end to currency-dilutive deals. “Personally, I think LSD is a better drug than psilocybin,” Scott declared earlier this month.

After winning $110 million, the Financial Times said Freeman had dinner with his parents in New York before flying back to his campus in Los Angeles.

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