1401 Most Viewed Zomit Educational Articles

The year in which we spend our final hours is filled with fascinating events in the world of technology.group zoom It tries to cover the most important events so that viewers can get the latest news from the region.

At 1401, in addition to the news, Zomit authors also write a number of educational articles to help them perform various tasks, from installing antivirus software to rooting. smart phone Help users.Over the past year, we’ve produced a variety of educational content to help you make better use of your phone laptop work by yourself

Now that delivery time is not far away, it’s time to check out the 1401 most viewed Zomit educational articles.

10. Teaching to improve image quality in different ways

Perhaps, you, too, are in the position where you have a low-quality image in your hands and want to improve its quality. Even if these photos are printed out, they will not achieve the expected effect; because of the improper resolution, they cannot have a beautiful effect. Image resolution is one of its important components.

Various applications and software have been developed to improve image quality according to your needs. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a smartphone or a computer; because for all devices, the programs they need are available and you can use it.

9. How to access Instagram without an account?

If you are not an Instagram member and are not interested in becoming one, you may need to create an account in order to view some of the content or links shared with you from the social network.

Even Instagram restricts access to people who don’t have an account on the social network. If the number of user requests exceeds a certain limit while opening the page, Instagram will completely restrict the user and redirect them to the login page.

However, some sites allow you to view content on your Instagram page without any restrictions.

8. How to root all Android phones

Rooted mobile phone, new features and capabilities, it can be said that the open source of Android is only meaningful when the Android mobile phone is rooted; because some software made for Android (such as Xposed Installer, etc.) need to modify the system files after the mobile phone is rooted.

Among the important features that rooting adds to your device, we can mention the possibility of installing custom ROMs. Rooting an Android device is not an easy task; for this reason, in this article, we explain step by step for users how they can do the same with their smartphone and enjoy more of its features.

7. Seven Ways to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10

You will most likely want to capture a portion of your Windows screen; as it contains important information that you will need later. If you are using Microsoft’s new generation operating system, then you must know that there are multiple ways to do this in Windows 10, and you can choose according to your needs and convenience.

There are different methods and tools for taking screenshots in Windows 10, you can learn and use more effective methods in this article.

6. Convert Word to PDF; step-by-step video tutorial

PDF files are compatible with most operating systems and are very easy to transfer; for this reason, the format has many fans. Now, sometimes we have a Word file on hand that needs to be converted to PDF.

There are many ways to convert Word files to PDF, and of course, online methods cannot be ignored. In this article, we have taught how to convert Word to PDF.

5. Step-by-step training for creating and selling NFTs; zero to hundred

What are NFTs? Can my tokens be converted to NFTs? What does it take to start making NFTs? If these questions are in your mind and you are looking for the right answers then don’t miss this article.

In this article, NFT and most of the information related to it is fully explained so that Zomit users can have a general understanding of it.

4. How to create an Apple ID

Apple ID Creation Training is one of the most viewed articles in Zomit history. We’ve been updating this article over time to teach you the latest ways to create an Apple ID. The last update was implemented on February 5, 1401.

If for whatever reason you’re having trouble creating an Apple ID, Zoomit’s comprehensive tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, in addition to the text method, we also explain how to create an Apple ID and use Apple devices with the help of videos.

3. PDF to image tutorial

Many devices now play PDFs by default; but this problem does not apply to some older devices. So you can convert PDF files to photos and send them to others. Sharing photos is always easy.

Today, there are many tools for converting PDF to photos, and users can use various computer software and online services to simplify the conversion process.

2. Step-by-step and visual training for email creation

In today’s world, all users must have email; because not only can they send and receive various messages through it; they also need email to create user accounts.

E-mail, short for electronic mail, can be thought of as a set of information stored in a computer and exchanged between two users via the Internet.

Various services provide such services, the most important of which are Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. In this article, we have discussed “How to create an email?” This question has been answered comprehensively and completely.

1. How to disable Windows 10 antivirus software?

Now for the most viewed educational article on 1401: How to Disable Windows 10 Antivirus?

The Windows 10 operating system comes with Windows Defender Antivirus, a powerful antivirus that protects you from threats such as viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

It is true that the aforementioned antivirus must be kept running most of the time, and sometimes we have to deactivate it for a short period of time. In this article, we teach how to do just that.

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