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10 Best Boruto Episodes, According To IMDb

This Naruto Franchises have great staying power. Beginning as a manga series in 1999, the series became animated and spawned several films.Derivative series boruto coming soon Naruto in conclusion. While movies debuted first, anime and manga are now thriving.

The anime, which debuted in 2017, has yet to see all of its episodes receive an English dub. That hasn’t stopped viewers outside of Japan from avidly watching the series and discussing how it compares to the manga. Exactly which episodes have the highest fan ratings is still in flux as episodes continue to premiere in Japanese and English around the world.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on January 23, 2023: While Boruto has experienced some hiatus while the anime waits for the manga to catch up with the series, that only means more fans have a chance to catch up on the show – or discover it for the first time. As more fans become familiar with anime, they have more opportunities to rate episodes on IMDb. As a result, the series’ ratings have been fluctuating due to the rewatchability offered by streaming sites and the debut of new episodes.

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Episode 62: Otsutsuki Invasion (9.2)

The first few dozen episodes of the anime depicted roughly the same events boruto movie, and culminates during the Chunin Exams. As the Chunin exams progressed, members of the Otsutsuki clan invaded Konoha and landed in the exam arena in this episode.

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This episode doesn’t quite advance the story. Instead, it’s one of Boruto’s big fight episodes. Much of the episode involves students and their parents turning against Otsutsuki. In the end, Sasuke was tasked with protecting their children, while Naruto decided to take most of the violence from Otsutsuki. It’s the kind of plot that reminds older fans of how good Naruto is in the field, and the kind of plot that might cause younger fans to seek out previous series.

Episode 208: Momoshi Appears (9.3)

While this episode features the fight epilogue from the previous episode, it’s the one that takes place at the climax of suspense. This is where all the parties involved in solving the case put their clues together, but they still haven’t found all the pieces of the puzzle.

In this case, Sarada, Boruto, Mitsuki, and Kawaki give different perspectives on the battle that took place, while Shikamaru speculates about Kara’s potential danger, while Naruto and Sasuke compare their own perceptions of the organization. It’s as if almost all the pieces of the puzzle are there for viewers to put them together, but they’re still missing some.

Episode 214: Destined (9.3)

Koji has blood on his forehead and is not doomed in Boruto episode

The reason why “Destined” is so popular is probably because it gave the audience a lot of answers. Of course, many of these answers remain vague and only raise more questions.

One of these is the fact that a member of the Otsutsuki can only ride on one ship at a time due to Kara branding them. Also, they can take over corpses as long as they are marked. There’s also the fact that Koji is actually a clone of Naruto’s long-dead mentor, Jiraiya. Some fans have been speculating that he might be Jiraiya’s previously unknown son, but the Boruto series focuses more on the sci-fi aspects of its stories than the Naruto series’ fantasy, and this episode does a lot.

Episode 189: Resonance (9.5)

Kawaki kills Garo in Boruto

For fans who were waiting to see how powerful Kawaki really is (and haven’t read the manga yet), this is the episode they’ve been waiting for. When Kara member Garo hunts down Kawaki to retrieve the “container” for the organization, Kawaki doesn’t let his guard down, and Konohamaru, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki can only watch as the carnage unfolds.

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Kawaki moves as fast as Naruto and Sasuke. He is able to punch a hole in another person’s stomach with a shape-changing arm. Then, when it’s all said and done, he blows up his enemies before his energy runs out, warning the others that he’ll do the same to them if he finds out they’re enemies. It’s a great way to tease out what the characters can do to the audience.

Episode 207: Rebirth (9.5)

Sarada has Boro's core in Boruto

Kara member Boro has Naruto, but the next generation is ready to rescue him. Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada and Kawaki have to work together to defeat Boro, and this battle is so unique it’s no wonder this episode is so popular.

All four young ninjas use their usual attacks, but Boro is either able to counter them easily or fully heal any injured parts of himself, and the four can’t keep up. Eventually, Sarada was able to remove Boro’s core, the part he had installed to power all of his Science Ninja tools. It really elevates the sci-fi elements of the series, but also showcases how well the team works together despite all their differences. Of course, the episode also ended on a cliffhanger that kept viewers coming back for more.

Episode 216: Sacrifice (9.6)

Naruto uses chakra hands in Boruto

As the title suggests, this episode is about heroes who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.In this case it is Sasuke, Naruto and Boruto. The trio eventually had to face off against Isshiki, and Boruto made a very brave choice when he found out both his father and his mentor were down.

Boruto believed that Isshiki would not kill him (he was right, as the big revelation about the Otsutsuki made this clear in their methods of sacrifice and resurrection) and threatened to end his own life to protect the rest of the world. It was a big gamble that didn’t win him the fight, but bought him some time. Thanks to Kurama, Naruto also chose a powerful new form, even though Kurama let him know it might kill him. That father and son didn’t hesitate to die in order to ensure that everyone else lived was both heartbreaking and a reminder of what great heroes they’ve become.

Episode 204: He’s Bad News (9.7)

Sasuke and Naruto get hit by Dimension Chakra sticks in Boruto

This boruto In order to prevent Konoha from facing serious damage, the series fought many big battles in alternate dimensions. “He’s Bad News” does it again, with Naruto and Sasuke fighting Dimensions in a new location.it’s also one of the best boruto As far as the show’s fights go, it brings a lot of interesting elements.

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Naruto and Sasuke are smart about using shadow clones with Naruto against their opponents, even if only briefly, so Sasuke can analyze their opponents.They found out that Jigen was Naruto The series’ answer to Ant-Man, as he can shrink himself and other objects during battle. It’s an interesting technique to see used in the Naruto world, and for two people who are used to using the legendary protection, fighting him becomes very difficult.

Episode 217: Decision (9.7)

Naruto blocks Isshiki's blow in Boruto's baryon mode

Picking up where “Sacrifice” left off, much of the episode focuses on Naruto has power beyond the Kageru New baryon mode for fighting Isshiki. There’s plenty of flashy action that fans of the fight scenes can replay, but the episode was also emotional. In fact, the harder Naruto fights, the faster his and Kurama’s chakras are consumed, and his baryon mode consumes all of them, meaning the longer the fight goes on, the closer they are to death.

Kawaki’s arm is tied to Naruto’s chakra, which also means Isshiki can summon him to battle, reminding him of all his childhood traumas. The episode had a great balance of action-packed moments and emotional moments.

Episode 65: Father and Son (9.7)

Stills from Boruto episode Father And Child S1E65

Centered on a new generation of leaders as well as an old one, it’s no surprise that “Fathers and Sons” is one of the best boruto episodes. After seeing dozens of early episodes where Boruto feuded with his father, “Father and Son” sees the two of them finally understand each other and work together to save the day.

While the collaboration between Naruto and Sasuke did most of the work of defeating Momoiro, Naruto sharing his power with Boruto allowed his son to destroy the enemy. It’s also the episode that leads to the main mystery of the series’ next season, as Momoshiki gives Boruto a mysterious seal before he dies.this is really the plot to start something boruto is a series centered on the bond between father and son, and the resulting desire to keep the world safe.

Episode 218: Partner (9.8)

Kurama bid farewell to Naruto in Boruto

Partnerships focus on the best boruto The plot is divided into two parts: the plot of Kawaki and Boruto, and the plot of Naruto and Kurama. Naruto has always made Kurama a part of him, and even when he didn’t know it, Kawaki and Hiroto started seeing themselves as brothers.

In this episode, Kawaki is willing to do anything to save Boruto and his family, just like a few episodes ago Boruto was ready to take his own life to save the world. While Kawaki didn’t have to be able to defeat Isshiki too, Naruto did lose his partner in perhaps one of the most emotional losses the series has ever seen. Kurama admits that he didn’t tell Naruto the whole truth about the loss of chakra, and he will die. Naruto was willing to die with him, but Kurama would not allow that to happen. It was such a tragic moment that the animators decided throughout the credits to remind audiences of important moments in Naruto’s life in Kuruma. Without Kurama, Naruto’s power level would take a hit, but he also lost a part of himself.

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